Sake was born around the end of September(27?) 1997 and adopted as a puppy from the Lancaster Humane League that November.

She had a brother with her at that time, though he had already been adopted. I've always been curious what he turned out like or if they would recognize each other if they ever met again.

Sake is a mix of 1/2 Akita, 1/4 Border Collie, and 1/4 German Shepard. Her father was pure Akita.

Since she is mostly the Japanese breed, Akita, she has a Japanese name. Sake (soulds like 'socky') is a Japanese liquor made from fermented rice.

She is the best dog I have ever had. Never destructive. She can give a mean bark to strangers, but she's really very gentle. She's very smart and eager to please. She picks up tricks pretty quickly, especially if there's a treat reward involved.

Her favorite toys are her Kong chewtoy and a plush hedgehog.

She loves all kinds of vegetables, especially carrots and brocolli.

She hates UPS trucks. :-)

Other Sake photos
Sake and Nikki this Xmas with their toy stockings. Sake and ner favorite toy from her Xmas 04 stocking. A nice pose. Sometimes I think she likes to pose for the camera.
Hunting in the backyard. Sake in her pumpkin costume from halloween. Sake #2 in her pumpkin costume from halloween.
My favorite picture of her. Great expression. Lending a helping paw on the way back from the mailbox. Taking a rest.
The old bone on the nose trick. Drumroll please.... Ta da!
Just panting in the hall. Still panting in the hall. (As if she actually was working hard.) Sake right after we brought her home, exploring the kitchen.
Bored in the basement. Just hanging out.
Some more misc photos
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